When I was 12 I cut the legs from my bed and hinged it to the wall. This was probably my first experience of woodwork – and basic mechanics come to think of it. It was fun.

Fun for me involves making; it always has. My methods and objects have changed over the years but the basic compulsion has always been there. 15 years ago I discovered computer graphics. It appealed to my meticulous nature and I've spent much of my working life since in this field. However, comparatively recently I realised that all I had to show for the sum of my graphics work was a large beige box. I began to look for a more tangible career, one in which I could apply my technical skills, and my journey towards carpentry began.

Today, I use a lot of computer graphics in the preliminary stages of my work, to plan, visualise and in some cases animate. This helps me refine my products and improves my carpentry. Coming from a world of digital precision, working with wood has taught me the beauty of natural imperfection.

I get a real sense of satisfaction from turning a shabby, dilapidated piece of wood into something both beautiful and useful. Reclaimed timber presents many wonderful opportunities in this regard. Also it pleases me to think of that timber being used and loved for another 50 years, rather than buried or burnt.

Never comfortable enough to fully immerse myself in either Fine Art – my degree subject – or digital technology, I have found a happy medium. My happy medium is wood.


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